Our Magazine

Community publishes a magazine, Stronger Together, Industry Newsletters, and sponsors Public Documents

Stronger Together

Community mails each member a copy of Stronger Together, the Union magazine.

Covering news, articles of interest and the activities of the membership, Stronger Together is the best place to discover how your fellow members get the most out of your union.

Community publishes its magazine 'Stronger Together' quarterly.


The Community website provides up to date news and information on ongoing negotiations, campaigns and union activity.

It is also a fantastic resource for Health & Safety information, information on negotiations by industry or by region and updates on how Community is engaging with the international union community.


Community also produces a number of newsletters and e-newsletters for members to respond to developments in their industries or to make them aware of union services.

You can make sure that you receive these newsletters by registering on our website, or sending an email to editor@community-tu.org