Reasons to join our Union

Community delivers for our members. Here are some reasons you should join.

Union members earn more.

The average wage in Union organised workplaces is higher than in workplaces with no union involvement.

Union members are safer.

Unions provide members with Health & Safety training to identify hazards at work and support members that try to fix the problems.

Union members get better compensation.

Community retains lawyers for any member that is injured on the job. In 2007 we secured over £3.8 million for our members in Personal Injury compensation.

Union jobs are more secure.

Union members are less likely to be sacked than non-union members.

Union jobs have equal treatment.

Union workplaces are morelikely to have equal opportunity policies for women.

Union jobs don't discriminate

Union workplaces are less likely to discriminate on tyhe basis of gender, race, sexuality or religion.