About us

General Secretary Michael J Leahy, OBE

Hello and welcome to Community union.

Community is a strong independent union with a long history of representing our members in the good times and the bad. Our roots in the steel communities of South Wales, Scotland and Northern England, the textile towns of the Midlands and Blind and Disabled workers from across Britain have produced a modern, forward-looking Trade Union which is well equipped to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Community provides members with the highest levels of service and representation as well as membership benefits which include our outstanding legal protections.

Community members can access a full range of Community services either by speaking to their local branch representative or by calling our freephone member service centre: 0800 389 6332, or members can ask a question through our website at the touch of a button.

Community represents members across the UK economy, from Steel and Wire to Footwear and Textiles, from Plastics to Betting Shops and from the National League of the Blind and Disabled to voluntary organisations.

All these workers have joined together to share the benefits of collective action and trade unionism. Community can negotiate on Pay and Conditions, Health and Safety, reasonable hours and provide discipline and grievance representation.

Community can do this because we have a better ratio of staff to Members than any other union

Community members will also continue to enjoy a host of other benefits and services that we believe will provide the best package of any UK trade union. Not least of these is the education and training support that Communitas provides to members whether they want to enhance their career development while they are in work or whether they are facing the prospect of redundancy and need support to find a new job.

But trade unionism in the 21st Century cannot just be about supporting members at work, although that will continue to be central to what we do. It must also be about ensuring that we are seen as a force for good in the communities in which our members live.