Facts about Community

What is the Community Union?

Community is an independent union dedicated to supporting our members and their families both at work and at home. Community will also continue to support our members through periods of unemployment and into retirement.

Community represents members in traditional manufacturing such as steel and textiles. Community also has experience within the social and voluntary sector with both the National League of the Blind and Disabled (NLBD) and the British Union of Social Work Employees (BUSWE) remaining strong within our union after joining.

Community is expanding into diverse areas of the British economy by organising workers in sectors as varied as Betting Shops, Plastics and Football Management. Community organises in communities and represents traditional members in modern workplaces.

Our commitment to our members means that we also extend our benefits to their families meaning that wherever you work, the benefits of membership are too good to miss.

Why should I join a Trade Union?

Union members earn more.

The average wage in Union organised workplaces is higher than in workplaces with no union involvement.

Union members are safer.

Unions provide members with Health & Safety training to identify hazards at work and support members that try to fix the problems.

Union members get better compensation.

Community retains lawyers for any member that is injured on the job. In 2007 we secured over £3.8 million for our members in Personal Injury compensation.

Union jobs are more secure.

Union members are less likely to be sacked than non-union members.

Union jobs have equal treatment.

Union workplaces are morelikely to have equal opportunity policies for women.

Union jobs don't discriminate

Union workplaces are less likely to discriminate on tyhe basis of gender, race, sexuality or religion.

What can Community do for me?

Employment Protection

In the workplace Community offers support, protection and peace of mind.

Community can support members that have been dealt with harshly or unfairly by management. Community representatives can attend disciplinary and grievance hearings with members and offer support and advice.

Community also retains lawyers to protect the legal rights of all our members and ensure that they are treated fairly and legally at work.

Where Community is the recognised union, we can negotiate on behalf of our members for pay and conditions.

Health & Safety Support

Community offers health & safety training to all members and the support to implement changes in your workplace.

As well as training in identifying occupational health issues and hazards in the workplace, Community’s Health & Safety courses include training to deal with bullying and harassment, work-related stress and drug and alcohol abuse.

More information on our Health & Safety subsite.

Legal Advice

If you have a problem you have enough worries without having to find the money to pay for legal advice and representation. Community has a nationwide network of solicitors on call to support you in your time of need – you simply can’t afford to be without the union.

Free ‘legal advice’ service to members and families:

Your Union, Community, operates a Free Legal Advice Service (FLAS ) open to all members. FLAS can help members with a wide range of legal queries, such as consumer issues, neighbourhood disputes, welfare benefits and housing matters. The FLAS team has experience with landlord & tenant issues and criminal law. Members can even access the FLAS service to cover close family members in times of need.

Your Union, Community, has a team of legal advisors in our Member Service Centre waiting to help you.

More information on our legal support and free legal advice service is available here.

Free Personal Injury advice and support to members and their families:

Community will arrange for members and their families, who have been injured through no fault of their own, to receive free legal advice and representation in respect of any accident, injury or disease case.

Reduced rate* ‘personal legal services’ for members:

Where specialist services are required, such as conveyancing, probate and family issues, Community is able to deliver reduced-rate* ‘personal legal services’ to members, through its network of solicitors.

*rates for personal legal services are available on request.

Free will writing service:

Community can arrange for members to be provided with a basic will free of charge. A basic will leaves the estate to a partner and then to any surviving children. This service includes a ‘mirror’ will for a partner.

Are there any other benefits of being a member?

Who’s involved with Community Union?

Community is supported through the efforts of our shop floor members. Their small contributions combine to make a big difference in the workplace.

Community also has a dedicated team to serve yoru needs. More information on who is who is available here.