Leaving your job

Should you stay with Community when leaving your job?


Can I take my Community membership with me if I leave my job?

Yes, Community is the union for life. When you move to a new workplace, new sector, take time off from working or even retire you can still enjoy the benefits of being a Community member. All you need to do is fill out and return the freepost card included in your union diary and you will receive a Membership Retention Application From. Alternatively you can obtain the form via the Community Website.


Can Community still help me if I move to an non-union workplace?

Yes, there are many benefits to retaining your membership. Members are entitled to the same benefits, representation, legal advice and educational opportunities whatever their workplace.


If I wish to retain my membership but am unemployed or retired do I have to pay the same rate?

No. Unemployed and retired members can continue to enjoy the benefits of being a Community member at a greatly reduced rate.


What are the benefits for non-working members?

All members are entitled to all benefits offered by Community. Although non-working members will not be able to access work specific benefits.


If Iím made redundant how can the union help?

If you are made redundant the union will be on hand to help you through this difficult time. Through Communitas (the unionís Education and Training arm) you will have access to a range of support services. Communitasí experienced project staff will be able to provide you with advice and guidance, and can often find funds for you to upskill or retrain in order to secure new employment.


This information is intended as a general guide and does not constitute legal advice. To find out if this information is relevant to your situation, please contact your Branch Secretary or call the member service centre on 0800 389 6332